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→ Apr 2013 A friendly guide to series four of Doctor Who
Partners in Crime: The one where DONNAAAAAAAAAA SO CLOSE we're waving up fat
The Fires of Pompeii: The one where HE FOUGHT HER OFF WITH A WATER PISTOL and also creepycreeps and Doctor Who messing with history
Planet of the Ood: The one where you don't want to make the Ood angry
The Sontaran Stratagem: The one where potatoes want to take over the Earth
The Poison Sky: The one where ARE YOU MY MUMMY?
The Doctor's Daughter: The one where the Doctor has a daddy shock
The Unicorn and the Wasp: The one where I DON'T MEAN HUGE, I MEAN FLIPPIN' ENOURMOUS Doctor Who what are you doing
Silence in the Library: The one where Moffat you little--
Forest of the Dead: The one where spoilers, Moffat you little again, and remember to count the shadows
Midnight: The one where the one where hey hey stoppit stoppit
Turn Left: The one where Donna's got something on her back and Rose and sob
The Stolen Earth: The one where Daleks again, epic opening credits, rosemarthasarahjaneharrietjonescaptainjackharkness SOBSOB
Journey's End: The one where mickeyjackietentoodoctordonna SOBSOBSOB HEARTBREAK SOBSOB
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