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legsyes replied to your post “I’m in the mood to write but I don’t know what to write, auuughhhh”

((Charley and C’rizz being friends and doing friends stuff? ;w; ))

be warned, I’m not able to write C’rizz to save my life <3333


"C’rizz! C’rizz, come look!”

"All right, all right," came the exasperated but fond voice from inside the police box with the half-open doors, "I’m on my way."

C’rizz stepped out moments later, blinking as he adjusted to the brightness of the unfamiliar landscape. The temperature was different out here — cooler — though it didn’t bother him. Unconsciously, he changed to a lighter colour, a sky blue, as he turned from side to side.

"Charlotte?" he asked, feeling a tinge of worry (now where had she gone off to?) but doing his best to suppress it. “Charlotte, where are you?”

"How many times must I remind you,” came a mock-exasperated sigh, “call me Charley!”

And then, before he could turn around, a packed-together ball of whatever he had been stepping on hit him squarely in the small of his back, and he heard peals of laughter from behind him.

However silly she was being, C’rizz reflected, it was hard to maintain any sort of annoyance towards Charlotte Pollard when she was laughing.

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“You wanted advice, you said. I never give it. Never. But I might just say this for you. Always search for truth. My truth is in the stars, and yours is here.” — The First Doctor (S01 x EP02 P7)

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Zagreus at the end of days,
Zagreus lies all other ways,
Zagreus comes when time’s a maze,
And all of history is weeping.

Zagreus taking time apart,
Zagreus fears the hero heart,
Zagreus seeks the final part,
The reward that he is reaping.

Zagreus sings when all is lost,
Zagreus takes all those he’s crossed,
Zagreus wins and all it cost,
The hero’s hearts he’s keeping.

Zagreus seeks the hero’s ship,
Zagreus needs the web to rip,
Zagreus sups time at a drip,
And life aside, he’s sweeping.

Zagreus waits at the end of the world,
For Zagreus is the end of the world.

His time is the end of time,
And his moment time’s undoing.

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Ingredients: 1 Hakkaimaru. Avoid using with green peas.
100% Freshness Guaranteed

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Ingredients: 1 badass rapper. (May make you wet. Melts around puppies.)
100% Freshness Guaranteed

(Happy 26nd Birthday Koki!)

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Ingredients: 1 squishy turtle. May contain traces of extraterrestrial
100% Freshness Guaranteed

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Hi followers! :3 I’ve been gaining a lot lately and this post is like two months late but just thought I’d thank you for following! So thanks :D There’s a person behind this blog even though I don’t post much personal text posts nowadays. Most of the time I’m on my Eleventh Doctor RP blog and as I feel dumb promoing it here, ask if you want the url :3

Hope you’re all having a great day/night! <33

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